If you want to become a highly valued and highly paid leader in your industry, this book will show you how...

At the centre of every industry you will find an inner circle of people who are the most well-known and highly valued people. They are the Key People of Influence (KPI’s) in what they do.

You probably already know of these people in your industry:

Their names come up in conversation
... for all the right reasons.

They attract a lot of opportunities
... that are perfect for them.

They earn more money than most
... and it isn’t a struggle.

They can make a project successful if they are involved
... and people know it. 

Key People of Influence enjoy a special status in their chosen field because they are well connected, well known, well regarded and highly valued.

They get invited to be a part of the best teams and projects, and they can often write their own terms.

Key People of Influence also have more fun. They get invited on trips away.

People buy them dinner and drinks and give them the VIP treatment. They are treated with respect, and others listen when they speak.

These people are in demand; they don’t chase opportunities, they curate them.

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See What People On Amazon Are Saying
About Key Person Of Influence


Discover the proven 5-step method for attracting better opportunities, making more money and building the business and life you love.

Who are Key People of Influence?

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At the centre of every industry is a group of leaders who are recognized as the go-to people for what they do. They attract more opportunity, they earn more money, they have more fun and ultimately they make a bigger impact. They are the Key People of Influence in their field as a result of developing these 5 skills

A powerful answer to the question “What do you do?” and communicating your value with clarity.

Establish credibility by getting your message into the hands of those who matter to increase the growth of your business.

Exchanging time for money is self-sabotage. Turn your skills, talents and expertise into scalable products that people want to buy.

Get you and your brand recognised in the media – online and offline – along with putting a face to your business.

Nothing great was ever achieved in isolation. Create opportunities by partnering with high performers.

Experiencing any of these? You're not alone.

You may have inadvertently built a business that’s heavily founder reliant. Whether it’s sales, marketing, ops, delivery - if you stop, the business stops.

Your clients might love you, but do others know you exist? Word of mouth and referral got you started, but it won’t help you scale.

By the time you pay tax, staff, overhead and yourself basic wages - the business simply isn’t producing enough profit to make it worth the stress.




Ultimately, these inherent catch 22’s place a handbrake on your ability to charge a premium, to attract your ideal clients and scale your business. It feels exhausting and demoralizing.

The fastest way to grow your business is to be the 'go-to' brand in your industry.

Mike Reid

Dent, Co-Founder

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