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26th September 2019

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Learning Software for 47 children in need for an entire month

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For most, the time and stress of business isn't paying off.


For most, the time and stress of business isn't paying off.



For most, the time and stress of business isn't paying off.

Read on to find out why...

Competition is Fierce

Immense time is wasted chasing new business and hunting for the next deal. With more competition than ever, being good at what you do isn’t enough. Learn the 5 steps for attracting high quality leads that are pre-sold and ready to buy making the competition irrelevant.

Profit is Rare

80% of businesses are dependant on the owner. If they stop, the business stops. By design this is an inefficient and unprofitable catch 22. This event presents a modern business model that leverages influence and technology to unlock higher revenues and greater profit.

Going Unrecognized

Key People of Influence don’t struggle; they thrive in every industry. They have respected brands, they attract great opportunities, they’re highly paid, and can afford to do the fun stuff. This event presents the global standard for becoming the ‘go-to’ person in your industry.

Hurry!  Stocks of this book are low as of May 2019



Hurry! Stocks of this book are low as of

Hurry! Stocks of this book are low
as of

“These principles have helped us become the world #1 in our industry in less than 5 years.”

Michael Carter, CEO,

Mike is Co-Founder of Dent Global, the company that brings you this event. With offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, Dent has been recognised as one of the fastest growing businesses in Australia (BRW & Smart Co 2014), Gold Investors in People (UK 2019) and dubbed ‘The world's leading personal brand accelerator’ by Huffington Post and ‘One of the top business growth accelerators in the world’ by 

At this event, Mike will be sharing the strategies and best practices for how you can stand out, scale up and have a much bigger impact in your industry.

Mike Reid

Hosted by...

Mike Reid


It's time to accelerate your entrepreneur journey.

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The Key Person of Influence Workshop.

Stand out. Scale up. Make a dent in the universe.


Every Industry Has its ‘Go-To’ Brands… How does Your Company Rate?

Free Live Workshop reveals the 5 Step Process that
Creates Influence in ANY Industry

Look here's the reality. Competition today is fierce. Being good at what you do is longer enough. In order to be successful in business, you have to look at your challenges differently. 

The FREE upcoming 90-minute live KPI WebClass is based on our proven success formula implemented with over 3,511 businesses around the world which are now the “Go-To Brands” in their industry… and who enjoy all that comes such positioning including a rapid boost in profitability and job satisfaction.

If right now you feel underpaid, overworked, and stuck, then you’re like about 80% of business owners. Trapped in an unprofitable and inefficient Catch-22. 

When you attend the FREE KPI WebClass you’ll see how to “shift” to the 5 ‘Steps’.
Those high-value tasks which play to your strengths and get you away from the mundane, time-sucking managerial and HR roles that rob you of your passion.

Get strategicboost profits, attract more opportunities and have more fun in business by mastering the 5-step methodology that's transformed more than 3,511 businesses worldwide 

The Perfect Pitch.

Develop a powerful answer to the question "What do you do?" and communicate your value with clarity.

In 90 minutes I will show you how to stand outscale up and become a 'Go-To' Brand in your industry by leveraging these 5 skills

Published Content.

Establish credibility by getting your message into the hands of those who matter to increase the growth of your business.

A Product Ecosystem.

Exchanging time for money is self-sabotage. Turn your skills, talents and expertise into scalable products that people want to buy.

A Google-Friendly Profile.

Get you and your brand recognised in the media – online and offline – along with putting a face to your business.

Game-Changing Partnerships.

Nothing great was ever achieved in isolation. Create opportunities by partnering with high performers.

What past attendees say:

"The product ecosystem is the key to changing everything and now I understand why I have struggled with it"

Jonathon - attended 20/09/20

"My key takeaway today is clarity about what I have to do with my products and where they fit in customer journey."

Gus - attended 20/09/20

"The power of deliberate action to make everything work together.."

Jason - attended 20/09/20

Business owners who benefit most from the FREE KPI WebClass are typically:

Service based (about 80% of attendees, 20% are product-based)

Make sub $3 million in revenue

Already make an impact in their world

Have a strong desire to share that impact but feel they’ve hit a glass ceiling

This is 
not a recorded presentation made to look like it’s live. 

And no, you’re not walking into one of those glorified pitch fests everyone hates

You get to ask questions and are encouraged to participate so you match the concepts taught, with your personal business reality and see see the path forward for your business.

Ideal For 6-7 Figure Revenue Traditional Service-Based Business Owners

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Ideal For 6-7 Figure Revenue Traditional Service-Based Business Owners

Over a decade of success stories

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Our vision is to see a world of entrepreneurial teams solving meaningful problems. Our mission is to help our clients become more visible, valuable and connected doing the things they love.

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LIVE 90-min WebClass

The Key Person of Influence Workshop.

LIVE 90-min WebClass

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Discover the Key Person of Influence method from the bestselling book, and take the Scorecard to get your Influence score and report.

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